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ConstructSPEC Home Inspections provides the highest quality inspection services possible including radon testing. We work closely with you to provide information and knowledge to make informed decisions on the most important purchase of our life, your new home. Our experience is your peace of mind!

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We have assembled a team across the upper midwest with extensive experience, knowledge and tools to ensure you are not at risk of spending tens of thousands of dollars in hidden repairs and aggravation.


How long do our inspections take? 

Two to four hours depending on the size of the home.


Should I be there for the inspection?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to join us to have a deeper understanding of your home and the report.


When should I receive my written report?

Your customized report (usually between 60 and 80 pages) will be sent to you within 24 hours upon completion of the inspection.




We encourage you to join us as we inspect your home! Choose ConstructSpec Home Inspections, our experience is your peace of mind!

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